The strength of an individual is not measured by how much one can control others, but by how much one can control oneself.
— Hidy Ochiai

Mountain Wind is a full-service production company specializing in content development, production, and entertainment risk management. Not only do we produce our own content in-house, we offer high-quality video production and post-production services in addition to risk management services for studios, local businesses, marketing agencies, producers, entrepreneurs, and more.

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We cater to your needs. Whether you are an author or publisher seeking quality content to market your most recent work, a non-profit looking to make a big impact, or an experienced producer seeking a production team and/or risk management services, we will stop at nothing to give you the highest quality service available to help you maximize your ROI.

At our core, we love making movies and we want to help the communities in which we film. Our first film, BYSTANDER, was recently completed and will be released in the latter part of 2019. We have already pledged donations to certain charities from our net profits, which have been rigorously vetted. The more we sell, the more we give - more to come on that soon. Stay tuned for more information regarding both the release of BYSTANDER and our philanthropic endeavors.