AOF MegaFest and the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival Results

We are excited to announce the results from both the 15th Annual Action on Film International Film Festival (MegaFest) and its sister festival, the Hollywood Dreams International Film Festival (HDIFF).

Bystander, Mountain Wind Production’s first feature film, took home one win for Best Editing in a Feature Film from MegaFest. A crime thriller, the film follows Pittsburgh’s Chief of Police as he takes up the charge against human trafficking after his daughter is kidnapped by a notorious serial killer.

Featuring an all-star cast, Bystander includes talent such as David Whalen ("The Loudest Voice," The Fault in Our Stars,” “American Pastoral”), Matthew McCurdy (“Daredevil,” “The Blacklist”), Arash Mokhtar (“Madam Secretary,” “The Blacklist”) and Sara Torres (“The Vampire Diaries”).

It was nominated in eight other categories across both festivals. Nominations included:

  • Best Editing (won)

  • Best Action Sequence Martial Arts

  • Best Special Effects

  • Best Supporting Actress

  • Best Actress

  • Best Soundtrack

  • Breakout Action Star.

Watch the trailer for Bystander.

Malanak, Mountain Wind Productions first television pilot, was also well-received, scoring seven nominations and winning the award for Best Title Sequence and Graphics.

Malanak follows an undercover agent, introducing Lucarelli, on the run after receiving indiscernible information from a colleague, Katie Maloney (“Night Zero,” “The Fifth,” “Brace,” and “Nightfall”), that exposes a secret organization.

Nominations across both festivals included:

  • Best Picture

  • Best Proof of Concept

  • Best Fight Choreography

  • Best Television Series Pilot

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Kayla Waring