There is more wisdom in Prevention than curing

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

– Louis Pasteur


Risk Management Services

Mountain Wind’s Risk Management Division is an innovative provider of cost-effective risk management solutions.  With a team led by a uniquely qualified, experienced, and certified risk management professional and film producer, Mountain Wind offers an extensive list of risk management services. 

Fight Choreography

Whether you need a consultation or comprehensive risk management program, we are here to help you protect your team, your business, and yourself.

Services include:

· Proactive Strategy Development, Management, and Guidance

· Risk Mitigation

· Fight Choreography

· Script & Pre-Production Consultation

· Onsite Safety Consultation

· Liaison with Regulatory Authorities

· Contingency Plans for Natural Disasters, Security, and Emergencies

· Safety Programs

· Risk Assessments

· Root Cause Analysis

· Job Safety Analysis

· Hiring Practices

· Insurance Consultation

· Accident Investigation

· Post-Injury Management

· Transportation Assessment & Planning

· Manual Material Handling

· Industry Specific Ergonomics

· Working with untrained or inexperienced Crew

· Location Consultation

and more…


Set Safety Consultation

Safety should be a top priority, not a stressful worry.  We take a proactive, strategic approach to risk management in production, helping you develop, implement, and manage your risk management programs so you can focus on your business in safer, more secure environments.